Occupational Therapy is a holistic therapy that helps people across their lifespan.  Every activity in life is an occupation.   An Occupational Therapist’s job is to help an individual achieve their chosen occupation to the best of their ability.  For a baby and child this could be anything from improving sleep, handwriting or riding a bike to playing with your friends or learning how to feed. The list is endless.

They say medicine is about adding days to life but Occupational Therapy is about adding life to days.

Occupational Therapists understand the influence physical health has on mental well being and vice versa and as such are able to offer vital intervention from the very earliest start to life right through to working with the aging population.

When working with babies and children we use fun, engaging activities to help children succeed in meeting the daily occupations of childhood, self-care, school and play. 

At EmilyHillsOT we use a family-centred approach selecting activities that provide each child with the ‘just right’ challenge to improve self-esteem and facilitate change.