Ruth Davies occupational therapist at Future Steps consultancy provides feedback on the recent sensory babies course

Do you think the ideas and information will improve your practice?

  • "enormously, thank you"
  • "Although I don't work directly in the NICU, it is so beneficial to have insight into the experience these children and families may have had prior to contact with our service.  It is very good to understand from the parents perspective."
  • "More aware of the sensory aspects of evolving cerebral palsy and how to use sensory input to promote development"
  • "Thinking more about environment for babies on Mother and Baby unit."
  • "Understanding of what sort of environment children may need during therapy (womb space, Mum space, Dad space) More understanding of the basics of development- where everything starts and the importance of the first 1001 days.Co regulation and the importance of parents in session."

Would you recommend this course to others?

  • "Yes, amazing overview of neuroscience at beginning as originally, I thought due to being recently qualified I may be out of my dept, but this ensured I wasn’t. Enough time give to process all information and discuss with peers." 
  • "Very engaging, explanatory and gave good neurological basis."
  • "Great content, well delivered by trainers who really know their stuff."
  • "Extremely interesting and informative course. The knowledge that we now have will inform our practice and therefore benefit that children that we treat. It provides us with the knowledge of development from such an early stage and covers all areas of a baby’s occupations. It is invaluable knowledge that everyone that comes in to contact with babies should know."
  • "loved the course, built my skills and it is very relatable."
  • "invaluable for anyone working with vulnerable babies and their families."