Touch is your first sensory system to arrive and is your last sensory system to leave., it is hugely important for making sense of the world, for protection and for bonding/attachment.


At Emily Hills OT we offer individual 1:1 baby massage sessions at your home or alternatively we are able to offer a 5 week baby massage course, held on Friday mornings and afternoons at Kite Studios, W12.

Each course follows Brazelton principles and our massage instructors are all Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI). The course follows the structure outlined by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

Baby massage is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your baby, the massage strokes that you will learn combine elements of Indian and Swedish massage.   It is an opportunity to begin to understand your baby’s unique behavioural cues.

There is a lot of evidence to support the benefits of baby massage for both parents and baby including:

For parents

  • Optimizes mother-infant interaction
  • Increases sense of maternal competence
  • Decreases maternal depression
  • Provides active parenting role
  • Improves understanding of behavioural states and your babies unique behavioural cues.

For babies

  • Reduces pain
  • Increased weight gain
  • Enhances muscle tone
  • Improves neurological development
  • Regulates state
  • Increases feeding readiness and efficiency 

Course Duration and Costs

The course consist of 5 consecutive classes, lasting 60 mins each and is priced at £80.  On the first day of the course you will be provided with IAIM handouts and a bottle of cold-pressed organic sunflower oil.

Each session will focus on learning specific massage strokes, a parenting topic ranging from sleep, to infant development to colic.  There will be time to share refreshments and talk to other parents.